Fire Performance

Fire has always been used in sermons of thousands of peoples, and cultures of our ancestors. It is a sacred element in addition to its utility for survival is present in many visionary rituals, healing, purification, wisdom, and union.
In homage to the sacred fire and all the ancestral traditions we make an offering to the fire gods of many cultures with a mystical fire show. With much rhythm and without words, a mysterious way to transform the techniques present in “Circus of Fire” to a spiritual, ancestral but also very contemporary show.All acts are choreographed from start to finish, they can be performed using a sound system with the original songs of each act. Or it can also be adapted to the music or sound of the environment, in this case the choreography can suffer small alterations of movement to adapt well with the music or sound of the environment.
Performed by a couple united by love, circus and passion for fire, these two artists make this show look impressive visual effects. They are jugglers and actors, players with wide and long experience in the world of scenic arts, dignify the motive of acts with fire.

Ficha Técnica

Duration : 30 minuts
Minimum space required: “19.69ft wide x 19.69ft of depth x 16.4ft high.”
Sound Equipment: HK Audio stereo system, with 2 subwoofers and 2 satellites. Total power: 1200w real. And wireless microphone. (needs taken).
Equipment lighting: Twelve fire points and 6 RGB led spotlights, total 240w.
Assembly: 3 hours
Disassembly: 2 hours
Needs: Electric 220v plug and fire extinguisher in the scenic space.

Ficha artística

Direction and adaptation: Jose Juaquin Rodriguez
Original idea of ​​the show: Asacocirco
Scenography and fire structures: Joao Alvim.
Costumes: Alejandra Sole.
Lenguages: Spanish, portuguese and english.
Cast: Miriam Crespo Gómez e Joao Alvim E Araujo
Photographs: Maensa Fotografia

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