Asacocirco Show

A show aimed to every kind of audience. It started with the madness and siliness of its protagonist caracters, Mirroska and Juanito are the two clowns in this fun mini circus. Mirroska, explosive and provocative, makes irony her means of expression. Juanito, this big boy is a cocktail of technique and humor. Out of the fusion of these two clowns with the audience, the street magic emerges, and laughs are guaranteed. Combines humor and abilities equally, all with great rhythm. With few words, it is a funny game where the spectators will feel involved, and where there is always room for surprise.


Artistic file

Original ideal: Asacocirco
Direction: Asacocirco
Cast: Miriam Crespo e João Alvim
Costume:  Carmen Castro
Scenography: Asacocirco
Videos: Ana Ortega, y Margherita Morello
Editions: Dolores Vergara, y Margherita Morello

Technical file

Name: Asacocirco Show
Duration: 45 minutes
Assembly: 1 hour
Disassembly: 40 minutes
Audience: all ages admitted
Language: Galician, Spanish, Portuguese, and Inglish
Space: The performance of the company is suitable for both interior and exterior, in any case, it requires a scenic plain floor space, with a minimum of 16.4ft wide x 13.12 ft of depth x 13.12 ft high.
Own sound equipment: HK Audio stereo system, with 2 subwoofers and 2 satellites. Total power: 1200w real. And wireless microphone. (needs taken). Own lighting: 6 RGB led spotlights, total 240w.

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