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Miriam was born in Vigo (Pontevedra) in 1979. For her, life is like an exciting adventure where there is always room for emotion. Since she was 17 , in different areas of the world of chlidren’s education, she has been trying to help children to feel more free and fearless.
She has been attracting for her life formations that have connected her with her most authentic part of herself, her essence; with coachers from the world of clown, among them: Hernan Gené, Nanny Cogorno, Pierre Byland, LLuna Albert, Jango Edwards, Peter Ercolano, Sergi Claramunt, Walter Velazquez. Part of her training in juggling techniques took place in Circus Conventions, participating in the European Convention in Athens, Victoria, Finland and circus events in Portugal, Spain, and Brazil. Since 2003 she has been performing in thousands of actions as a juggler, a storyteller, a clown, and also with the stilts in many different places and spaces. This adventure in which everything happens, she lives it as a learning experience that has led her to combine her actions with her work of teaching and her career as a clown.

Joao Foto

He was born in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in 1986, from a very young age he discovers the world of juggling, and stumbles with the circus almost inadvertently, immediately feels like he wants to live the art and for the art, so he totally surrenders to it by forming in different areas of the Performing Arts and Circus, such as Decroux techniques (Mimica Body Dramatica), Contact Dance, Contemporary, Physical Theatre, Clown and floor acrobatics. For such formation, he has counted with different Brazilian schools like Escola Trupe Tralha, Circo do Capão, Teatro Galpão Cine Horto, Faculdade de Dança da UFBA. In the Escola de Circo Criollo in Buenos Aires, in the Club Flic Flac (Spain), and workshops in juggling conventions in Finland, Portugal, Spain, and Brazil. Multidisciplinary self-taught juggler since 2001, it was in 2005 that performed for a year in his number of dance and juggling with fire in the Bolshoi Circus of Brazil Since then, he feels his great vocation dedicates to this. He also teaches children and adults introducing them to the world of circus. This sensation provo ker continues to hunt for the circus poetry captivating and impressing the public of different corners of the world.

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