BB Circus

Asacocirco Company, comes with a daring performance for the young at heart, a theatre show based in circus arts and presented lovingly; greatly stimulating, clear language, an unusual sense of rhythm and tempo, live music and many surprises.

The scene is set with a fusion of nature and colours. With the introduction of the black light a dreamlike ambience is achieved. Fluorescent lights and clubs create suggestive geometric shapes in unique and surprising ways. It is a family show where the adults will find themselves also amazed.

A universe of action, intensity and colour, thanks to the thoughtfully prepared sketches and creations of Miriam Crespo and Joao Alvim; and the narration and live music of Serxio Crespo. All that transmits the essence of the circus to the young audience!!!


Artistic File

Story: “BB Circus”
Direction: Asacocirco
Scenography : Xandra Costas, Eva Castro
Costume: Maria Jesús Gómez
Language: Galician
Cast: Miriam Crespo, Joao Alvim, Sérxio Crespo
Photography: Deica Audiovisuales

Technical File

Duration: 40 minuts
Audience: 0 to 6 years old
Minimum space required: 13,12 ft widw x 13,12 ft high x 9,84ft of depth
Sound equipment: 300 W amplifier
Assembly time:3 hours
Disassembly time: 2 hours
Technical Requirements: Minimum space: Front stage: 6m, 4m Fund (24 m2). Height: 4 m Lighting and sound: technicians of light and sound. In the event that the room did not count on this service must inform as soon as possible to resolve by the Company. Two microphones and a jack input for guitar line.

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